We're Fixgineer,

factory-grade geeks dedicated to the process of caring for all things built by Apple®, but no longer within warranty.”

Ivan Mora – Fixgineer CEO

I'm Ivan

Geek CEO

Take a look around our website, learn what and how things get done in this lab. Legacy skills for sure paved the road to master new ones everyday.

Thank you for your enormous support. I will continue to push myself and my service model to new heights, earning with each repair, your valued trust. Take a look around: My portfolio of technical solutions grows every day, far beyond the world of Apple®.

On a case-by-case basis, I will assist owners of devices on various platforms such as Android®, Windows Mobile®, and BlackBerry® – but, my primary concentration is in Apple® hardware. Simply because compared to their competition, they’re truly economical with regards to repair and they hold a high resale value. This is tangible value and dollars in your wallet, similar to owning a BMW, but with maintenance costs of an economy vehicle. Sweet!

Lucky for me, I am fortunate to have been challenged by my clientele, and of course, rising to these challenges, this past year, I’ve successfully repaired Drones, Beats® headphones, GoPro® cameras, Sony® digital cameras and Play Stations, and even provided soldering services for commercial-proprietary electronic prototypes.

Very exciting stuff all thanks to you, my valued clientele!

Thank you for this opportunity to present myself and my credentials. I hold a great admiration for all things tech but a soft spot for the product line created by Apple®, beginning with the first iPod.

I love what I do and upon learning of Steve Jobs’ life, his critical eye, and his relentless pursuit of his vision, it was very inspirational to me, even to this day. I muse with the simplicity and narrowed focus on the user experience. Two pixels short of perfection in my view.

Caring for this caliber of devices demands a matching set of skills and a deep respect for their engineering.

These values are precisely the spirit behind my work, personified in the namesake for my lab: Fixgineer. I would love to have you join an ever growing circle of happy clients. Thank you for getting to know me!

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Proudly serving our Grand Central neighbors since March of 2017.

Our Purpose and Focus

Fixgineer is technically in the business of recycling perfectly usable smart devices. We focus our efforts and resources to supporting Apple products. These devices were designed to look beautiful. Therefore, by recycling their hardware, we recycle their beauty, usefulness, and purpose! Our service model puts dollars back into your wallet in the form of savings. Tangible gains.


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Yes! Everything is repairable in Apple® devices!


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From $39


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We use the  highest quality aftermarket parts available to us. The closest quality to their original parts. Therefore, we back them up for one full year. Either it works as it intended, or it gets replaced for free one time within a year. This is the foundation of our hassle-free policy, and our culture.

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Specialized technical solutions offered

Fixgineer is a full service technical lab, more than just replacing parts.

Logic board troubleshooting

Severe drops do more harm than just a broken screen. Solder joints get fractured rendering the component in question useless. Integrated circuit chips in charge of power, connectivity, sound, backlight, etc., for the majority of these cases can be repaired within days. Pricing starts at $69.

Certified data erasure

Secure, reliable and cost effective data erasure solutions to erase data permanently beyond data recovery scope at end of life cycle of IT assets such as PCs, servers, rack mounted drives, and smartphones.

Legacy model care

For those die-hard fans of these wonderful, game-changing grandpas of devices. As long as we can find parts for any of your favorite models, we’ll keep refurbishing them. Turnaround time may differ by model because of parts availability.

We have a few practices for these jobs to manage a satisfactory renewing of most old-school devices. We love old-school!

Why do business with us?

1 Year Easy Warranty

All of our aftermarket parts, including glass digitizers, and screens are covered for one full year for manufacturer defects. Either it works as designed, or it will get replaced for FREE.

90 Days Of Premium Support

Enjoy unlimited consultations / diagnostics via the phone, online or in person. Priority placement for appointments, and $15 dollars discount for each subsequent repair.

30 Days Of Easy Returns

All accessories, portable batteries, plugin and bluetooth headphones are returnable with receipt, original packaging and new condition within 30 days. Start process online.

Top 5 repairs in the first quarter 2018

Stats from January 1st to March 31, 2018.  Updated at end of quarter.

Logic Boards
Hard Drives
Power Ports
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