iPhone repair in under 30 minutes at home, office, gym, bar or at any hotspot you choose...

Weekdays from 8 am to 8 pm, EST.
by appointment only.

Service available in Manhattan, Rockland, and Westchester counties. 

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OmniTec is a level 1 and 2 technical support service that’s truly outside the box!  A mobile model provided by Fixgineer® – Factory-grade geeks dedicated to the process of caring for all things built by Apple®, but no longer within warranty, an independently owned lab borne on January of 2013.

On a case-by-case basis, we can also assist owners of devices on various platforms such as Android®, Windows Mobile®, and BlackBerry® .

First-Step : Select iPhone model and technical problem you need a repair.

Second-Step : Choose a date, time and location that best fits your lifestyle or work schedule.

Third-Step : When the moment arrives, you will meet one-on-one with your assigned Technician as scheduled.

Parts – Fixgineer® has partnered up with two established Asia-direct suppliers of Apple® and Samsung parts, with warehouses right here in New York City. Supplying us with both- Brand new, aftermarket screens that consistently exceed manufacturer recommended grade, as well as with Apple® branded refurbished screens guaranteed to be error free!

Having top parts require Technicians that can match in skills, experience with a knack for a polished finish. Our candidates Technicians got through a detailed process of background check, a ninety-day training covering all aspects, from people skills, conflict resolution, and time management, besides technical skills development. Our standards are quality-centered. We prefer efficiency over quickness because details is the foundation to quality. Like it was refurbished straight out of the manufacturer factory.

Peace of mind comes packaged with each transaction that is truly priceless!

#1 – Fixgineer® goes beyond a simple parts replacement lab. All parts and labor replaced for Apple® devices are supported for a full year. Making you this promise: If any part malfunctions, including screens, it will be replaced one-time at no additional cost to you.

#2 – Enjoy unlimited consultations / diagnostics via the phone, online or in person. Priority placement for appointments, and a $15 dollars discount coupon for each subsequent repair.  This is a premium membership valued at $59 per year. Yours free for an entire year with your purchase.

#3 – All smart device accessories, including portable batteries, wired  headphones and bluetooth devices are returnable with a copy in paper or electronic of the purchase receipt, original packaging and in new condition within 30 days. Start a return process online. It’s very easy.


Our Warranty Takes Her Sweet Time

365 Day Warranty

Included with all Apple devices parts replaced

Any manufacturing defects are fully covered with a single FREE replacement at no additional cost to you. User-made accidents are not covered, but there is an accidental coverage that does!

 It protects your device recently repaired from liquid exposure, electrical spikes and mishaps, and drops and sad accidents. Ask your Tech about this product when you meet for service.

Accidental Coverage

Peace of mind starts at $49

Text or Call for a FREE consultation.

(646) 535-8035

Weekdays from 8 am to 8 pm, EST.

We happily service three areas

We happily offer you a complimentary hot or cold beverage of your choice is absolutely included!

Manhattan, NY

Most CHAIN FAST-FOOD and CAFÉ BARS with seating and hours that coincide with ours are designated as “HOTSPOTS”. We have a rich list of selected hotspots. 

Rockland, NY

In Rockland county, on-site service and at hotspots. Home, office, or any other location of your choice. We may need a  small, flat-area counter near an electrical outlet for the Technician to do your repair work.

Westchester, NY

In Westchester county, on-site service and at hotspots. Home, office, or any other location of your choice. We may need a  small, flat-area counter near an electrical outlet for the Technician to do your repair work.

It sounds better in their own words

Billy Bob

Ivan is a customer service class act. I went in with a broken screen and loose charging jack got it back within the hour. 10% discount and a one year warranty on the replacement screen. He also put a protective glass cover on the screen free of charge. I went back on Saturday, by appointment, for a battery replacement for the iPhone 6. He charges $29 for the battery replacement, currently the same as apple. Ivan was a little late but compensated by giving me a very good discount. Fixed my loose home button for free on top of that.

Coralie and Antoine

This guy is great. He fixed my phone twice with great professionalism. Second time he just fixed the issue in 5 min and he did it for free. He could have changed the failing connector for a fee but didn’t and instead fixed it for free. Go there without hesitation.

Juliet Silfvast

I bumped into this repair shop by chance on my way to another place and Ivan did a most excellent job on repairing my iPhone 6. It took him less than 30 mins to get it done and the best part it was near my office! He is terrific! They also can do an iPad screen!! Best price in town! I will definitely come here with my iPad next week.