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Think of us as the “light infantry” of the smart device repair industry. A specialized, focused and mobile team of independent professionals, under a single standard, dedicated to the process of caring for all things built by Apple®, but, no longer within their warranty. Providing high-quality technical services wherever you live, work or play!

Although our focused is with Apple devices, on a case-by-case basis, the Amped team are also trained and experienced to repair a selected list of devices that run on Android®, Windows Mobile® and even BlackBerry®. 

Furthermore, we are known for repairing air and ground drones, digital cameras, even headphones.

Do you have odd repair request? Just ask a Tech!

Diagnostic, Troubleshoot & Repair.

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Any flat surface works!

To busy to go anywhere? No problem. Our On-Site service is available 7 days a week wherever you live or work. Our Tech only needs a small flat surface to perform your requested repair, at home or office, we’ll be there!


We'll meet you there!

Our Tech will gladly meet you at any favorite HotSpot near you. Like a coffee shoprestaurant, and even a bar. And when good, warm weather permits, we’ll meet you at the park, well practically anywhere work can be done!


Pick up and delivery!

Whenever meeting at a hotspot or on-site is not an option, you simply request a pick-up and delivery service, available on weekdays only. A fee of $12 applies and will be added to your invoice for this convenience!

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We would like to thank you for visiting our website today. As a thank you note, you may request a $15 off any future repair, valid for 90 days of receipt and you may transfer it to someone else. Thank you!

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